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Construction In Your Future?

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If you are planning a building project soon, contact the staff at Midstate Communications so we can add you to our plow list.  

The plowing season is a very small-time frame in the spring and summer.  Our technicians will be happy to go over your project with you.  Once we have the necessary paperwork and order for work to begin completed, we will add you to our fiber construction list.

Once the fiber has been plowed in, the Midstate technicians will access the vaults to fuse the fiber for each cable buried.  This takes time as we want each fiber line to be clean to provide a continuous path for light to travel and ensure a quality and reliable connection.  When splicing and testing are completed, the fiber-optic line is ready for your service!

We want you to have the best experience and enjoy quality and reliable service.  Contact our office at 605-778-6221 to discuss your building process today!

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