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Fireworks & Technology

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On July 4th, you will see some explosions!  No, it won’t be the belt buckle snapping under the pressure from that hot dog eating contest earlier in the day.  I am talking about the fireworks display that will light up the 4th of July sky.

Kids look on with wonder, and adults will enjoy the explosive excitement that will rain down from the skies.  Unfortunately, pets will be terrified for a few hours. Have you ever thought about the technology behind the bright lights in the sky?

Bluetooth technology has made those large fireworks displays safer now than ever before. The fireworks technicians launch the payload via Bluetooth, eliminating the risk of losing a few fingers.

Perhaps you have seen a synchronized Christmas light display on a house; there is software available now that the pyro technician can plan out fantastic fireworks show way ahead of time to guarantee a finale that will light up the night sky.

If you have ever wondered how fireworks can be made into particular shapes such as stars or squares, that is possible due to Pixelburst Shells.  They have a microchip inside the fireworks.  Those microchips can be programmed to do just about anything.

The most important piece of technology is, of course, our brain.  Don’t point fireworks at your friends or light them in your hand.  A great 4th of July celebration can be spoiled quickly with a trip to the emergency room.  Enjoy a great 4th of July, everyone!

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