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Not All High Speed Internet Is The Same

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There are many types of internet service available.  Fiber-Optic, Wireless, DSL, Cable, and Satellite, are just a few options to name.  It may seem easy to let price be your deciding factor on your internet connection, but if you aren't careful your experience may suffer.

We live in a society that has never been as connected as we are now.  We used to be able to quickly count the number of devices we had connected to the internet on one hand.  Now with smart home technology, our internet use surpasses the use of a connection once limited only to home computers and smartphones.  We now use the internet to monitor our kitchen appliances, allow us to view security cameras around our home, and let's not forget about streaming our favorite apps on multiple tvs in our home.  Keeping all of these devices in mind, when was the last time that you ran a speed test on your internet connection in your home?

A speed test is a simple way to find out what your internet download and upload speeds are available for you to use on all of the connected internet devices in your home.  You can run a simple speed test right on the Midstate Communications website.  Simply click here to be re-directed to the Midstate Communications main website page.  Scroll down on the main page and you will see a Bandwith Speed Test on the right side.  It will run a download and upload test on your internet connection.  

Download speed is used to stream videos such as Netflix, YouTube, online gaming, visit websites such as online shopping or Facebook, as well as file downloads or video conferencing.  Upload speed isn't as popular as your download speed but it is equally as important.  Your upload speed is used to send attachments in emails, live streaming of video to YouTube or Facebook Live, online gaming as well as cloud backup.

Your internet speed can vary also based on the type of internet service you are using.  Fiber-Optic internet, which Midstate Communications provides transmits data using light signals, which allows for much faster and more reliable internet connections compared to wireless technologies. Fiber internet can provide symmetrical speeds, meaning the upload and download speeds are the same, whereas wireless connections often have slower upload speeds.

Fiber internet has the potential to provide significantly higher bandwidth compared to DSL, satellite, or even wireless connections. This means that multiple users can simultaneously access and use high-demand applications without experiencing significant slowdowns or lag.  You should not see that buffering round circle symbol on your devices.  If you do, it may be time to upgrade your internet service or speed.  To view the internet packages Midstate Communications offers, click here.

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