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MySecurity, powered by ZoneAlarm

MySecurity is provided by ZoneAlarm®. ZoneAlarm® Security Suite is an easy-to-use, comprehensive security solution that keeps out hackers, viruses, worms, fraudulent emails and other threats. It uses award-winning firewall technology from Zone Labs, and includes antivirus, phishing & spam protection, Web site filtering, privacy protection, instant messaging security, and more.

  • Easy to download and install
  • Easier to use
  • Automatically detect and prevent a wide variety of threats common on the Internet
  • Only $3.00 per month (for up to 5 computers)
Get full protection without slowing down your computer!


New User-Friendly Interface

Easy for anyone to use and customize.

  • One-click Fix-it Interface provides a simple overview and one-button access to instant upgrades and updates.
  • Game Mode: one-click control temporarily suppresses most security alerts – preventing them from interrupting your fun while keeping your PC protected.
  • Customization and Advanced Controls offers average consumers and advanced users options to customize and adjust settings.

Do Not Track

Blocks data-collecting companies from tracking you online. Control who receives your private data.

  • Blocks companies from collecting your personal information online.
  • Controls who can follow you as you surf the Internet.
  • Increases your Internet browsing speed.

New Antivirus Engine!

  • Behavioral virus detection: Detects suspicious and dangerous programs that traditional antivirus programs would miss.
  • Advanced virus removal: Cleans deep-rooted, hard-to-remove viruses out of your system.
  • Virus pre-scan: Quickly detects viruses during installation to prevent early infection.

Other Features

  • Superior anti-virus & anti-spyware
  • Powerful firewall
  • Total Identity & Privacy Protection
  • Automatically protects against hackers
  • Stop virus attacks, spyware, and online criminals
  • Get full protection without slowing your computer’s performance
  • Easy to download, and start using immediately

Anti-Virus Removal Links

If you are struggling with removing Norton or McAfee from your computer, it may be necessary to install an uninstall program. Use the links below to assist in removing these products if you are unable to do so in add/remove programs from your control panel.

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