Chamberlain/Oacoma and Ft. Thompson/Gann Valley Exchanges to Host Board of Director Elections in July

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Individuals interested in running for a position on the Midstate Communications Board of Directors are encouraged to request a nomination form from the Midstate offices.  District elections are scheduled to be held in the two district exchanges of Chamberlain/Oacoma and Ft. Thompson/Gann Valley this July.

To be eligible for the Board of Directors you must be a member of the Cooperative in good standing and live within the boundaries of the exchange in which you wish to represent. Candidates must also obtain fifteen signatures of Cooperative members from the district you live in and are running for and the petition must be submitted to the Cooperative no later than 30-days prior to the announced election date.

Director elections will be held during the month of July at voting places located in each district exchange in which an election will be hosted. If more than one person files a petition in proper form within the proper time, the Secretary of the company shall mail each member of the district entitled to vote thereon a ballot for the district director election no later than twenty days before such election and each member residing in said district shall express their vote.

If you are interested in taking out a petition for either the Chamberlain/Oacoam or Ft. Thompson/Gann Valley Exchange Districts please stop at either of the Midstate offices in Kimball or Chamberlain and pick up a nominating petition.

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