Why has Landline Service been required with Internet in the past?

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Since the inception of phone service, the U.S. government has held the belief that all Americans should have access to a reliable communication infrastructure and services. However, in rural and sparsely populated areas, the cost to provide service was extremely high since the areas do not provide large enough customer bases for the companies to recover the cost in the same manner that companies in highly populated places would.

This resulted in the government providing companies such as Midstate Communications, who have been committed to providing services to rural areas for over 65 years, federal funding to help off-set the cost of providing service to a rural, high-cost area.

With Internet not even a twinkling in the eyes of the U.S. government years ago, the funding has always been tied to landlines. That’s the reason why Midstate, and other Internet and cable TV providers, has always required customers to have a phone line to receive services. Without this federal funding, the price of all services (Internet, cable TV and phone) would have been so high that virtually no one could have afforded service.

With the evolution of the Internet, the federal government has removed funding exclusively from landline service. We are excited to now be able to have more flexibility in how we sell our Internet service and help meet our customers’ wants and needs.

Midstate Communications answered the call to serve rural America and we proudly serve customers that live in town or in the country. As a matter of fact, there are large portions of Midstate’s service area where we may only have one customer per square mile, but that is what makes our area GREAT!

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