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Pause Before You Post

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Recently, some social media posts have surfaced that are being shared for public awareness but the end result is simply another scam.  What's going on?

Due to social media algorithms, it can take true stories six times as long to reach 1500 users than fake news to find the same number of users. We use social media for quick access to community information and updates from family and friends.   Unfortunately, there are bad actors who take a post and use it to try and obtain your personal information.  

If you see a post and question the truthfulness of the information, pause before you post and reach out to the individual you received it from to verify the accuracy of the information before sharing it.  Facebook has a great resource on their site on how to report and avoid scams on your Facebook page.  Click here for more helpful information on Facebook scams. 

The staff at Midstate Communications always recommends that your social media accounts have passwords that are complicated and multiple characters in length.  If you have the option, add two-factor authentication to protect your account.

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