Why does my Wi-fi seem to get slower and slower?

What is Quick Connect?

Quick Connect offers an amazingly fast connection to the Internet without the need to dedicate a telephone connection. The package provides unlimited access to the Internet for an incredibly low flat fee. Quick Connect also provides enough memory to host large to medium sized websites/pages and the ability to add additional e-mail address to the account.

What can I do with more speed?

There is virtually no limit to the opportunities that high speed access provides. Enjoy live streaming videos and audio, online gaming with your friends down the street and around the world, downloading multi-megabyte files in seconds and downloading multiple files at the same time, web browsing at high speeds even during large downloads, viewing the latest in web content using exciting plug-ins. The possibilities are endless with Quick Connect High Speed Internet from Midstate Communications.

What are the benefits?

  • Full-time 24/7 connection to the Internet
  • Cost-effective way for a business to connect its LAN or individual work stations to the Internet
  • Dedicated bandwidth between the modem and the central office at Midstate Communications
  • Telephone service is uninterrupted even if Quick Connect fails
  • No longer have to dial-up an Internet address and wait for the modem to connect
  • No more missing phone calls because you're on the Internet
  • No more busy signals
  • Faster download times

Will I be able to talk on the phone and surf the net at the same time?

Yes! Quick Connect Hi-Speed Internet access operates independently of your telephone lines. You do not need a telephone line when utilizing cable, DSL or fiber technology because the Internet is separated from the voice channel a phone uses.

Why Is Quick Connect Hi-speed Internet better than other connections?

Many high-speed Internet services are available, but some are better than others. Midstate Quick Connect High Speed Internet blows the competition away. Below you can learn how Midstate High-Speed Internet compares to other services.

Quick Connect Internet vs. Wireless Internet

Wireless Internet is slower than Quick Connect Internet. Plus, weather can cause issues with wireless Internet. Wireless Internet requires a small dish mounted outdoors on your house to receive data sent from a tower or satellite. Even rain, snow or the trees in your yard can disrupt wireless Internet service. Midstate's Quick Connect service works rain or shine.

How important is it to have a firewall?

IMPORTANT! All Internet users should have a firewall to stop hackers from gaining access to their systems.

Every computer with a high-speed connection (cable, wireless, DSL or fiber) should have a firewall. Broadband connections are more desirable, but they also present increased security issues. Because computers are connected longer, they provide more opportunities for hackers to break into other people's systems. Even if you use a dial-up connection, you should strongly consider having a firewall.

Adding a firewall to your computer is simple. For more information on firewalls, you should look into the available firewalls listed below. Midstate Internet is not affiliated with any of these companies. Firewalls also are available from computer and networking equipment retailers.

For Windows PCs

  • ZoneAlarm from ZoneLabs
  • Norton Internet Security from Symantec
  • McAfee Internet Security Suite

For MacOS

  • The DoorStop Personal Firewall from Open Door Networks Inc.
  • NetBarrier from Intego

Can I hook up more than one computer to High-Speed Internet service?

One connection can be hooked up to several computers if those computers are on the same network.

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