Webmail Guide and Tools


Q - What will happen to the email messages and folders that I have on the server now?

We will be harvesting all of your email, contacts, forwarders or folders into the webmail platform.  Users utilizing mail clients will not need to worry about this...

Q - Will my old password work on this new service?
Yes.  Account level data has been copied to the new system

Q - Will I be able to use my email program (Outlook, Thunderbird, Live Mail, Apple Mail etc.) to send and receive email?
Yes.  You will not have to make any changes to your mail client.  It will continue to work as it does today.  However, if you are using POP on your mail client you may experience a few duplicate messages on Wednesday, March 29th.

Q - Will I lose my contacts I have in my webmail box?

Q - Can tech support still help me with my issues?
Yes, the tech support will be fully training and aware of the conversion.  They will be able to assist customers with a variety of issues.

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