Tribal Lifeline-linkup Assistance

Lifeline-linkup provides reduced monthly charges to telephone subscribers who qualify.

Items covered by the Lifeline portion of the program include basic one-party telephone service equipped with touch-tone and toll restriction (if requested). Not covered are second lines, leased equipment, long distance calls, 911 surcharge, the CIF or hearing impaired fund, taxes and optional calling features like Call Waiting and Caller ID.

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Provides reduced connection charges to telephone subscribers who qualify. The credit applies on the main home telephone line listed in the name of the eligible telephone subscriber.

The reduction is up to 100% of the cost associated up to $100.

Link-Up also provides for deferred payment of connection charges without interest. It does not cover the cost of wiring inside your home and is limited to one time per home address per subscriber.

Those qualifying for Enhanced Lifeline Program will also qualify for the Link-Up Program which provides reduced connection charges to telephone subscribers who qualify.

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Applicants must live on tribal lands and participate in at least one of the following public assistance programs to qualify:

** Participating members and members of the qualified member's household MUST:

    1. Be in good standing as a member of the Midstate Communications Cooperative.
    2. Be current in all payments to Midstate Communications. Customers will be approved on an individual basis upon receipt of properly filed forms.

"Tribal Land" for purposes of the Enhanced Lifeline and Link-Up Assistance Programs includes the BIA definitions of "reservation." The term "reservation" means any federally recognized Indian Tribe's reservation, Pueblo, or Colony, and Indian Allotments.

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