Program Your Remote / DVR

IPTV Amino (Willow) Remote Control Guide


iGuide Quick Reference

The iGuide Quick Reference offers a quick guide to the features available to you.

iGuide Remote

A comprehensive description of the buttons/features of the iGuide Remote.

Inside iGuide

Inside iGuide is an in-depth "how to" for your DVR.

Innovative Royal Big Button Remote Programming.

This is to program the Innovative Royal Big Button remote to the Set top box. Don't forget you will also need to porgram the remote to TV (seperate instructions).

- Hold SET UP plus the corresponding colored hotkey, until the CABLE POWER key blinks twice:
• Yellow (A) - Amino: A130, A140, A150, A530, A540, and A550
• Green (D) - Amino: Kamai, and Amulet

Royal Big Button Specs and Guide
Royal Big Button Remote Instructions

IPTV Remote Programming Instructions

Control the remote

Digital Cable TV Remote Programming Instructions (Motorola DRC 800)

Operating Instructions For Cable Remote Control

Whole Home DVR Programming

Accessing Your DVR Content Using Multi-Room DVR

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